The Power of Probiotics

  • Scientist working in a lab

    the Bovamine Bracket Challenge

    Our Grand Prize winner is Jim Pforter and our runner up is Nick Ehlers in a tiebreak!.
    Thank you for playing!

  • Scientist working in a lab

    Pioneers in Probiotics

    NPC has been at the forefront of modern probiotic research since 1993, developing products to enhance the health and productivity of animals

    Learn more about our continuing research
  • Feedlot cattle with Bovamine

    Research Proven

    Bovamine was developed and patented in the mid-1990s as a proven probiotic to enhance animal production.

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  • Steak on a plate

    Food Safety

    NPC makes products that enable producers to be proactive against pathogens while at the same time improving performance.

    Learn more about our strides in food safety