Feed conversion in beef cattle

Probiotics for Beef Production



  • Reinforce and enhance natural defenses against harmful bacteria.
  • Improve the integrity of the GI tract.
  • Improve rate of gain.
  • Improve feed conversion.

probiotics for beef production


  • Reduce harmful bacteria.
  • Improve the integrity of the GI tract.
  • Improve rate of gain.
  • Improve feed conversion.


BOVAMINE DEFEND® – Improves Gut Health, Rate of Gain and Feed Conversion in Beef Production

bovamine_trial_chartThe health of the digestive system is critical to the performance and profitability of stockers and feedyard cattle. The rate of gain and cost of feeds invested into each animal is directly tied to how well the digestive system is performing. Using BOVAMINE DEFEND® probiotics for beef production reduces the risk of pathogens in the GI tract, resulting in a healthier gut that provides more surface area for the absorption of nutrients.

Weather, management, feed and pathogens can all impose challenges that impact the stability of the GI tract. Management practices to address these challenges include feeding probiotics. In fact, in the 2015 nutritional recommendations of feedlot consulting nutritionist survey by New Mexico State University and Texas Tech University, surveyed nutritionists reported that 62.5 percent of their clients use probiotics for receiving cattle diets. In addition, nearly 60 percent used probiotics in diets for finishing cattle.

BOVAMINE DEFEND® is a powerful management tool in this constant battle to maintain high preforming animals. Producers use BOVAMINE DEFEND® to reduce stress on the GI tract, support the health of the cattle, and maintain efficient feed conversion in all beef production systems.

Research has proven that feeding BOVAMINE DEFEND® daily:

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Stocker Operations

Feedyard Operations


beef_gi_tract_chartDaily feeding of BOVAMINE DEFEND® introduces an effective concentration of live bacteria into the GI tract. The probiotic actions of BOVAMINE DEFEND® result in a stable GI tract and improved digestive function, with less energy and other resources needed to fight subclinical infections, leading to better growth rates, improved feed conversion, and a positive economic return.

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Works For All Beef Production Systems

Approximately half of all feedlot cattle in the U.S. are fed a probiotic – more than 85% of these feedlots choose a BOVAMINE®-branded products. BOVAMINE DEFEND® probiotics can be mixed on-farm or at a feed mill to deliver a proven daily dose of beneficial bacteria into the diet.

BOVAMINE® and BOVAMINE DEFEND® original products are mixed daily into the diet on site. A shelf-stable BOVAMINE DEFEND® formulation can be blended at a feed mill or manufacturer to provide producers more flexibility to incorporate BOVAMINE DEFEND® into a feeding program, and make the benefits of probiotics for beef production available to all operation systems – from stockers to feed yard operations.