Feed conversion in beef cattle

Achieve Strong Rate of Gain, Feed Conversion and Economic Return

Achieve strong rate of gain in finishing cattle
Confined feeding operations present new challenges as calves are grouped, start new rations and increase feed consumption. Feeding BOVAMINE DEFEND® in feedyard diets reduces pathogens in the GI tract to improve digestive function for better rate of gain and feed conversion.
Our probiotics are the most widely used and thoroughly research in the feedlot industry. A BOVAMINE® product is fed to 85% of all feedlot cattle that receive a probiotic in the U.S.

BOVAMINE DEFEND®—Reducing Pathogens in the GI Tract

bovamine_trial_chart_lightDaily feeding of BOVAMINE DEFEND® reduces pathogens in the GI tract to support healthy digestive function during all stages of production, and promotes strong performance.

Compared to those that don’t, cattle that receive probiotics as part of the daily rations capture energy more efficiently from feed, achieve higher rate of gain, and provide greater hot carcass weights.

Research shows that feeding BOVAMINE DEFEND® daily:

Feeding BOVAMINE® products also can enable producers to be proactive about reducing pre-harvest pathogen loads to decrease the risk of the cattle carrying foodborne pathogens into processing.



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BOVAMINE® Brand Probiotics for Finishing Operations

feedyard-cattleDaily feeding of BOVAMINE® brand probiotics to finishing cattle aids digestive function and GI stability during the transition to a high-concentration finishing diet. The use of BOVAMINE® and BOVAMINE DEFEND® probiotics help cattle get the most out of their feed for strong close outs to maximize your economic return.

Probiotics for finishing cattle include BOVAMINE®, and BOVAMINE DEFEND® in the original and new shelf stable formulation that deliver a proven daily dose of beneficial bacteria into the diet.

BOVAMINE® and BOVAMINE DEFEND® original products are mixed daily into the diet on site. The BOVAMINE DEFEND® shelf stable formulation is blended into supplements or blends at a feed mill or manufacturer, and eliminates the need for onsite mixing for additional convenience.