Feed conversion in beef cattle

Delivers Results

BOVAMINE® brand products are the most widely used and thoroughly researched probiotics for cattle. Nearly half of feedlot cattle in the U.S. are fed a probiotic. Of those, 85% receive a BOVAMINE®-branded probiotic to improve average daily gain and overall performance.

Feeding probiotics is a current nutritional and management practice according to the 2015 survey by New Mexico State University and Texas Tech University. The surveyed nutritionists reported 62.5 percent of clients use probiotics for receiving cattle diets and nearly 60 percent used probiotics in diets for finishing cattle.

Supporting Healthy Digestive Function and GI Stability

probiotics for cattleOur probiotics for cattle work in both the rumen and lower digestive tract. Research shows that feeding BOVAMINE DEFEND®:

Daily feeding of BOVAMINE DEFEND® reduces harmful bacteria in the GI tract to support healthy digestive function and GI stability during all stages of production – stocker, backgrounder, grower and finishing, leading to better performance across all types of diets.

Healthier cattle utilize feed more efficiently, grow faster, and are better able to withstand the rigors of modern beef production systems.

The use of BOVAMINE DEFEND® in finishing cattle also can enable producers to be proactive about reducing pre-harvest pathogen loads to decrease the risk of the cattle carrying foodborne pathogens into processing.

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Probiotics for Cattle

probiotics for cattle

Good for the Producer

  • 25+ large and small pen studies
  • Improved average daily gain and feed conversion.
  • Return on investment

Good for the Animal

  • Stabilizes the GI tract
  • Maximizes energy capture
  • Reduced pathogen load for a healthier GI tract equals a healthier animal

Good for the Consumer

  • 15+ pathogen research trials
  • Proven reduction in E.coli
  • Proven reduction in Salmonella