Feed conversion in beef cattle

Manage Nutritional and Health Challenges for Stocker Cattle with BOVAMINE DEFEND®

The stress of weaning, hauling and new feedstuffs can increase the risk of harmful bacteria in the GI tract of calves that can impact calf health, feed intake and productivity. BOVAMINE DEFEND® helps stocker operations reduce the risk of harmful bacteria disrupting the GI tract, enabling the animal’s ability to reach its genetic potential.


Providing Multiple Benefits for Stocker Cattle

Daily feeding of BOVAMINE DEFEND® leads to improved digestive function and Gl stability, consistent feed intake and supports the response of the immune system. Healthier stocker calves utilize pasture, forage and feed more efficiently with less energy being used by the immune system for repair of the GI tract and fighting off disease. Consequently, calves will perform more efficiently, have more consistent feed intake, and maximize the producers’ profit potential.

BOVAMINE DEFEND® provides multiple benefits for stocker cattle.


Adding BOVAMINE DEFEND® To Your Operation

BOVAMINE DEFEND® is available in a shelf stable formulation that is blended at a feed mill or manufacturer into your existing rations and supplements. It’s delivered ready to use to your operation – making it convenient for operations of all types and sizes to get the benefits of using BOVAMINE DEFEND® probiotics for stocker cattle. The shelf stable BOVAMINE DEFEND® delivers a proven dose of beneficial bacteria for daily feeding.

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