BOVAMINE DAIRY Supports Rumen Health

Probiotics for Dairy Animals

probiotics for dairy animals

  • Reduce the threat of harmful bacteria.
  • Support lower GI tract and rumen development.
  • Aid in preparing the GI tract for transitioning to dry feed.
  • Improve average daily gain.

probiotics for dairy animals

  • Reduce harmful bacteria in the GI tract.
  • Stabilize GI tract health.
  • Maximize energy capture for efficient digestion of feeds.

probiotics for dairy animals
Adult Cow:

  • Improve overall digestibility of feed.
  • Support a stable immune function.
  • Maximize energy capture.
  • See a 2-3% improvement in milk production efficiency.



BOVAMINE® DAIRY – Get the Most Out of Your Feed

Use of probiotics in the dairy industry is growing rapidly with more than 20% of the U.S. dairy herd now using a probiotic. BOVAMINE® DAIRY is the market leading brand of probiotics for dairy animals among U.S. dairy herds milking over 500 cows.

Herd Performance with Bovamine dairyUniversity research shows that feeding BOVAMINE® DAIRY as part of the daily dairy cow nutrition program:


Feeding of BOVAMINE® DAIRY introduces an effective concentration of live bacteria into the GI tract. The probiotic actions of BOVAMINE DAIRY® result in a stable GI tract and improved digestive function, with less energy and other resources needed to fight subclinical infections, leading to better growth rates, improved performance, and a positive economic return against the cost of product across all types of diet.


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Feeding BOVAMINE® DAIRY from Calf to Cow

BOVAMINE® DAIRY delivers a proven dose of beneficial bacteria that supports consistent digestive function to enhance the health and productivity during all stages of development – calf, heifer and adult cow.

BOVAMINE® DAIRY Milk Replacer Supplement comes in a stable powder that is blended into milk for easy addition to the daily milk program.

BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer is a shelf stable formulation that can be blended into supplemental feeds for calves and daily rations for heifers at a feed mill or manufacturer.

BOVAMINE® DAIRY probiotics for dairy animals now can be mixed on-farm or at a feed mill. The original BOVAMINE® DAIRY formulation is hand added to daily rations on farm. The new shelf stable formulation is added into blends or vitamin and trace mineral paks by your feed mill or manufacturer, and delivered ready-to-use to your operation – giving dairy producers greater flexibility for how to incorporate probiotics into a dairy cow nutrition program. BOVAMINE® DAIRY is approved for use in organic feeds by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).