BOVAMINE DAIRY Supports Rumen Health

Increase Milk Production Efficiency and Help Control Disease

Improve milk production efficiencyA healthy immune system and digestive function provide the foundation for a profitable dairy cow. GI stability is critical to supporting the cow’s health through the metabolic changes of pregnancy, birth and lactation.
Feeding BOVINE® DAIRY as part of a dairy cow nutrition program is proven to reduce harmful pathogens in the GI tract that can destabilize the digestive function and cause suppression of the immune system.



Ruminal_VFA_Chart_LightWorks in Both the Rumen and Lower GI Tract

BOVAMINE® DAIRY works in both the rumen and lower GI tract to help cows maintain a more consistent environment throughout the GI tract and experience less fluctuation in digestive health, feed intake and productivity during times of inconsistency in diet or environment.

Daily feeding of BOVAMINE® DAIRY introduces an effective concentration of live bacteria into the rumen where it increases the production and absorption of volatile fatty acids, the main energy source for dairy cattle and important for milk synthesis.

Download a research brief on the Influence of BOVAMINE® DAIRY on Milk Production Efficiency and Feed Efficiency of Lactating Cows

Research shows that daily feeding of BOVAMINE® DAIRY results in benefits for cows throughout the lactation cycle.

Adding BOVAMINE® DAIRY to a Dairy Cow Nutrition Program

BOVAMINE® DAIRY is the market leading brand for probiotic use among dairy herds with more than 500 head. It delivers consistent, proven performance across all types of dairy operations to improve milk production efficiency and enhance health.

The new shelf stable formulation is added into blends or vitamin and trace mineral paks by your feed mill or manufacturer, and delivered ready-to-use to your operation – giving dairy producers greater flexibility for how to incorporate probiotics into a dairy cow nutrition program. The original BOVAMINE® DAIRY formulation is hand added to daily rations on farm. BOVAMINE® DAIRY is approved for use in organic feeds by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

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