BOVAMINE DAIRY Supports Rumen Health

BOVAMINE® DAIRY Delivers Results

BOVAMINE® brand products are the most widely used and thoroughly researched probiotics in the cattle industry. It’s the market-leading brand of choice among U.S. dairy herds with more than 500 head.
Daily feeding of BOVAMINE® DAIRY reduces harmful bacteria in the GI tract to support the digestive health of dairy cattle during all stages of development – calf, heifer and the adult cow.



Works in Both the Rumen and Lower GI Tract

Milk Production Performance with Bovamine DairyBOVAMINE® DAIRY works in both the rumen and lower GI tract to support the digestive health of dairy cattle. Daily feeding of BOVAMINE DAIRY helps dairy producers improve the productivity of their cattle and get the most out of rations – from improved rates of gain and feed efficiency to increased milk production efficiency in lactating cows.

University research trials show that feeding BOVAMINE® DAIRY daily contributes to:

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Probotics for Dairy Calves, Heifers and Cows:

Dairy calves, heifers and cows with healthy digestive function utilize feed more efficiently, grow faster, deliver more milk per pound of feed, and are better able to withstand the physiologic stressors of development and dairy production.


  • Reduces the threat of harmful bacteria
  • Supports lower GI tract development
  • Aids in preparation of the GI tract transition to dry feed

Growing Heifers

  • Supports the natural defenses against harmful bacteria
  • Supports rumen development
  • Enhances feed intake through healthy GI function
  • Improves average daily gain

Adult Cows

  • Stabilizes the GI tract
  • Maximizes energy capture for feed efficiency
  • Increased milk production efficiency
  • Reduced pathogen load for a healthier GI tract equals a healthier animal

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