BOVAMINE DAIRY Supports Rumen Health

BOVAMINE® DAIRY Supports Heifer Growth and Health

Dairy heifer nutrition
The probiotic actions of BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer support the digestive health and stable immune function that is vital during this stage of development. Feeding BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer enables heifers to better convert feedstuffs into usable nutrients and energy that are important to growth, feed efficiency and preparing to transition to lactation – making it an important management tool in a successful dairy heifer nutrition program.

Supports Healthy Digestive Function and a GI Stability

Feeding BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer as part of daily rations reduces harmful bacteria in the GI tract. This supports healthy digestive function and a GI stability, and a stable immune function that enables heifers to better manage the metabolic changes that occur during pregnancy. Healthy heifers can utilize rations more efficiently, with less energy needed for defense against pathogenic bacteria, helping heifer raisers maximize the value of the dairy heifer nutrition program.

Research shows that feeding BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer daily as part of a dairy heifer nutrition program results in:


Add BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer to Dairy Heifer Nutrition

BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer provides specifically formulated probiotics for heifers in a shelf stable formulation that can be blended at the feed manufacturer or mill, and delivered ready to use in daily rations – making it convenient for operations of all types and sizes to benefit from using probiotics for heifers.

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