Probiotics Support GI Stability in Ruminants and Birds

PoultriMax® and BOVAMINE®-brand products utilize the power of probiotics to enhance the health and productivity of livestock and poultry. Research shows that these probiotic products work effectively in ruminant and avian digestive systems to reduce harmful bacteria in the GI tract, which improves digestive function and GI stability.

The Benefits of Probiotics for Ruminants

Originally formulated for cattle, BOVAMINE®-brand products are the most widely used and most thoroughly researched probiotics in the cattle industry. Many customers have successfully used BOVAMINE® products for a variety of other ruminants – taking advantage of the benefits of probiotics for ruminants like goats, sheep, deer, elk, buffalo, bison and antelope.

probiotics for ruminants


Feeding BOVAMINE®-brand products is proven to reduce the harmful bacteria in the GI tract of ruminants that can destabilize the digestive function and cause suppression of the immune system.

The unique probiotic strains were selected for their ability to work in both the rumen and lower GI tract. Using probiotics for ruminant animals supports healthy digestive function that enables the animals to get the most out of their daily feed, and helps growers improve the productivity of their animals.

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The Benefits of Probiotics for Birds

PoultriMax® delivers specially formulated probiotics for birds, including game birds, ducks, quail and geese, to enhance their health and productivity.

Feeding PoultriMax® as a probiotic for birds reduces the risk of colonization of the avian digestive system by harmful bacteria and significantly improves subsequent gut health.

Treated birds showed:

Daily feeding of PoultriMax® throughout the life of the bird maintains a healthy digestive function that supports improved yield in commercial birds. Research shows that broiler chicks fed a diet with PoultriMax® for 21 days post-hatch were significantly heavier than chicks fed the same diet with no probiotics.

Rresearch also shows that probiotics for birds reduce Salmonella and E.coli, reducing the risk of contamination from foodborne pathogens.

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