Pathogen Reduction

Chr. Hansen offers industry-leading probiotics that enable producers to be proactive about pathogen reduction in livestock and poultry production.

The carefully selected strains used in the BOVAMINE® and PoultriMax® brand probiotics for livestock and poultry have been proven to:

  • Deliver pathogen reduction, including reductions in E.coli and Salmonella.
  • Stabilize the GI tract.
  • Improve gut health and digestive function.
  • Improve energy capture from feed.
  • Improve rate of gain.

The effective probiotics in BOVAMINE®, BOVAMINE DEFEND®, BOVAMINE DAIRY®, and PoultriMax® enhance an animal’s health and performance through four modes of action:

  1. Reduction in the colonization of the GI tract by harmful bacteria.
  2. Improvement in the capacity of the intestine to absorb nutrients.
  3. Stimulation of the innate immune system enables animals to better defend themselves against pathogenic bacteria.
  4. Production of lactic acid to alter the environment in favor of probiotic bacteria.
pathogen reduction in livestock and poultry

Probiotic Mode of Action


Research shows that probiotics for livestock stabilizes the GI tract and improves digestive function, including better absorption of nutrients, while requiring less energy and other resources for subclinical infections. A stable GI tract utilizes feed more efficiently, and is better able to maintain digestive function for all stages of development and types of production systems.

Request free copies of nearly 200 commercial trails and research studies on product development, performance, mode of action, and more to learn about the effectiveness of our probiotic products for pathogen reduction.