Poultry probiotics

Probiotics for Poultry

NPC probiotics for poultryBreeders:

  • Improve immune response.
  • Reduce pathogenic contamination.
  • Overall better bird health.

probiotics for chicks and poultsChicks and Poults:

  • Improve livability. in day old chicks
  • Early colonization of the gut by beneficial bacteria.

probiotics for poultryBroilers:

  • Reduction of pathogen load.
  • Improve feed conversion.
  • Improve livability.
  • Improve meat yield.

NPC probiotics for turkeysTurkeys:

  • Improve feed conversion.
  • Improve livability.
  • Overall improved bird health and performance.

NPC probiotics for poultryPullets and Layers:

  • Improve livability.
  • Improve uniformity and consistent target weight performance for pullets.
  • Increase in eggs per hen house.
  • Improve egg case weights.

PoultriMax® – Enhance the Health and Productivity of Poultry

PoultriMax® delivers an effective strain of probiotics for poultry production that improves the productivity and efficiency of poultry at each stage of production, including breeders, chicks and poults, broilers, turkeys, pullets and commercial layers.

PoultriMax® contains beneficial bacteria that colonize the gut and promote nutrient absorption and digestive health. The result is a reduction in pathogens, improved feed conversion, improved livability and overall improvement in poultry health. Research shows that daily feeding of PoultriMax® results in:

  • Significant increase of lactic acid bacteria throughout the digestive tract of broilers.
  • An 87% reduction in concentration of Salmonella in digesta and a 63% reduction in gut lesions of broilers in 21 days.
  • Significant reduction in the prevalence of E.coli and Salmonella.
  • Commercial laying hens fed PoultriMax® have shown to produce more eggs.

Probiotics for poultry are a tool to help producers reduce pre-harvest pathogen loads. PoultriMax® has been shown to effectively reduce foodborne pathogens in birds prior to the birds going to processing.


How Does PoultriMax® Work?


The probiotic actions of PoultriMax® result in a more stable intestinal tract, improved digestive function, and a reduction of enteric challenges, which results in an increased rate of gain, feed efficiency, livability, and profitability.

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Probiotics for Poultry from Hatch to Harvest

PoultriMax® delivers a proven dose of beneficial bacteria for poultry that supports consistent performance for poultry production.

  • PoultriMax® Hatchery is designed to be applied directly to chicks and turkey poults at day of age, and the chick and poults will ingest the product through natural preening. The freeze-dried powder is mixed with water or gel, and applied through existing spray equipment for easy use in in the hatchery.
  • PoultriMax® can be applied to mash feeds and pelleted feeds.

PoultriMax® is approved for use in organic feed by two U.S. Department of Agriculture accredited certifying agencies, and is ideal for use in antibiotic-free and genetically modified organism-free operations.