Poultry probiotics

Probiotics for Breeder Chickens Development and Productivity

probiotics for breeder chickens
Good gut health contributes to a stable digestive tract and strong immune function in breeder chickens that supports reproductive health, enabling hens to produce more eggs per hen house.
Successful broiler breeder management encompasses several factors that could impact egg production and breeding success, and one of the most impactful is nutrient intake.

Nutrient Intake

Daily feeding of PoultriMax® reduces pathogens that can impact the integrity of the intestinal lining and nutrient uptake. The natural actions of the probiotics for breeder chickens improve nutrient absorption to support more uniform growth and enabling breeder hens to produce more eggs per hen house, both of which help producers get the most value out of feed.


Research shows that feeding probiotics for breeder chickens provides several benefits that support the development of pullets and the productivity of broiler breeder hens.

Putting PoultriMax® into feed for broiler breeder hens provides an additional management tool that producers can use to reduce the presence and the shedding of pathogenic bacteria in and by the birds. This leads to improved performance and better immune function across the flock, and can reduce the risk of issues in the hatchery and when starting chicks.

PoultriMax® as part of Broiler Breeding Management

Feeding PoultriMax® delivers a proven dose of beneficial bacteria for poultry that supports consistent performance for breeder chickens.

PoultriMax® can be applied to mash feeds and pelleted feeds to give producers greater flexibility to incorporate probiotics into a feeding program.

PoultriMax® is approved for use in certified organic poultry operations through recognized accredited certifying agencies, and is ideal for use in antibiotic-free and genetically modified organism-free operations

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