Poultry probiotics

Probiotic Protection for Digestive Health and Improved Performance

Broilers need a healthy digestive system to absorb nutrients and convert feedstuffs efficiently. Feeding PoultriMax® enhances the digestive stability of broilers for better productivity and health.

Improved Feed Conversion, Livability and Yield

The specially developed probiotics for broilers in PoultriMax® contains beneficial bacteria that colonize the gut, aid digestive function, contribute to better immune responsiveness, and lead to greater nutrient absorption and feed efficiency.

Reducing pathogens in the gut helps producers to reduce enteric challenges in broilers that can negatively impact health, morbidity and livability. Research trials show that broilers fed PoultriMax® had fewer intestinal lesions and better livability. Healthier birds utilize feed more efficiency for faster growth and higher yields.

Feeding PoultriMax continuously has been shown to reduce enteric challenges in broilers for more consistent performance, including:

Probiotics for broilers also aid producers in reducing pre-harvest pathogen loads. PoultriMax® has been shown to effectively reduce foodborne pathogens in birds before going to processing.


Adding Probiotics for Boilers to Daily Feed

Feeding PoultriMax® delivers a proven dose of beneficial bacteria for poultry that supports consistent performance for broilers in all production systems and all types of diets.

PoultriMax® can be applied to mash feed and pelleted feeds to give producers greater flexibility to incorporate probiotics into a feeding program.

PoultriMax® is approved for use in certified organic poultry operations through recognized accredited certifying agencies, and is ideal for use in antibiotic-free and genetically modified organism-free operations

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