Poultry probiotics

Probiotic Protection for Chicks and Poults Starts at 1 Day of Age

Probiotic Protection for Chicks and Poults Starting at Day of AgeThe application of PoultriMax® in the hatchery starts the colonization of the gut with beneficial bacteria, reducing the risks and harmful actions of pathogenic bacteria associated with day-old and seven-day mortality common in chicks and poults.
From the hatchery to mature birds, PoultriMax® delivers consistent performance for all stages of production. Utilizing probiotic protection for chicks and poults enables producers to proactively limit harmful bacteria, leading to improved gut health, improved livability, and better rates of gain and feed efficiency in the future.

Benefits of spraying PoultriMax® in the hatchery include:


PoultriMax® in the Hatchery

chicks_geldotsPoultriMax® Hatchery is designed to be applied directly to deliver probiotic protection for chicks and turkey poults at day of age. The freeze-dried powder is mixed with water or gel, and applied through existing spray equipment. The chicks and poults will ingest the product through natural preening.

PoultriMax® is approved for use in certified organic poultry operations through recognized accredited certifying agencies, and is ideal for use in antibiotic-free and genetically modified organism-free operations as well.

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