Poultry probiotics

Achieve Uniform Weights and More Eggs per Hen House

Eggs per hen house
Healthy digestive function and a strong immune system provide a strong foundation for profitable layers and more eggs per hen house. PoultriMax® is proven to reduce pathogens in the digestive tract of hens that can impact the integrity of the intestinal lining, and contribute to enteric challenges that negatively impact the bird’s health and reproductive productivity.

Probiotics Support Improved Nutrient Absorption and Overall Bird Health

Daily feeding of PoultriMax® to pullets and laying hens introduces an effective concentration of live bacteria into the gut. The natural actions of the probiotics for pullets and layers support improved nutrient absorption and the overall improvement of bird health.


Research shows that feeding probiotics to pullets provides the laying operation with improved bird quality going into the laying house including:

Research shows that feeding probiotics to layers provides the producer a more efficient bird and:

Incorporating PoultriMax® into feeding programs enables operations to be proactive about reducing harmful bacteria to support better immune responsiveness, potentially reducing the need for treatment to maintain bird health.

Adding PoultriMax® to the Layer Diet

Feeding PoultriMax® delivers a proven dose of beneficial bacteria for poultry that supports consistent performance for pullets and layers in all production systems and all types of diets.

PoultriMax® can be applied to mash feeds and pelleted feeds to give producers greater flexibility to incorporate probiotics for pullets and layers.

PoultriMax® is approved for use in certified organic poultry operations through recognized accredited certifying agencies, and is ideal for use in antibiotic-free and genetically modified organism-free operations

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