Poultry probiotics

PoultriMax® Delivers Results

PoultriMax® products are a proven solution for enhancing the health and performance of birds. Our poultry probiotics deliver consistent performance at each stage of poultry production, including breeders, chicks and poults, broilers, turkeys, pullets and commercial layers.
Applying PoultriMax® in the hatchery starts the colonization of the gut with beneficial bacteria to reduce the risks and harmful actions of pathogenic bacteria, helping hatcheries to reduce mortality in chick and poults within the first seven days, and improve subsequent poultry gut health for reduced enteric challenges and better rates of gain.


Improve Health and Productivity with Poultry Probiotics

Feeding PoultriMax® daily improves poultry gut health for improved health and performance across all types of operations. Research shows that feeding PoultriMax® reduces pathogens to:

PoultriMax® is the only probiotic designed to deliver a high concentration of beneficial bacteria alive at the point of consumption.


Delivering Proven Performance

In addition to delivering proven performance, reducing pathogens using poultry probiotics aids the bird’s natural immune system and improves the safety of the food supply. The use of PoultriMax® in broiler and turkey operations helps producers to be proactive about reducing pre-harvest pathogen loads. PoultriMax® has been shown to effectively reduce foodborne pathogen loads before birds go to processing.

PoultriMax® is approved for use in certified organic poultry operations through recognized accredited certifying agencies, and is ideal for use in antibiotic-free and genetically modified organism-free operations.